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Feedback :: Report

Feedback summary from online Innovation Seminar IV Learners and institutions: workforce development (SSBR0311) – 25 March 2011

Three participants completed the online feedback form.
The feedback on booking arrangements and joining instructions were all favourable.
One participant, who provided feedback, had difficulties with the audio connection from their computer but thought the chat option worked well.
Another participant considered that Elluminate worked well for the session and commented that  problems with audiographic applications such as Elluminate are usually related to headset use but as familiarity grows these problems are likely to reduce.
Of most value at the event participants listed:

  • Through provoking discussion around the questions
  • Information sharing via multiple choice
  • Acceptance of the need for flexibility e.g. in terms of WBL solutions that might require different technologies to suit learner/course/institution.

For future sessions suggestions were:

  • The session length was ‘just right’
  • Better sound quality
  • To have more from the projects themselves

A final comment from one participant was a hope that the (proposed) new online conferencing system be as easy to use.

Compiled by Patsy Clarke
29 March 2011